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April 9, 2009

This blog is as much a resource for me to collect information and resources related to the health of our oceans as it is about sharing that information and raising awareness. So, here’s some additional stuff I’ve come across in the last few days. Fellow windsurfer Steve Bodner commented on an earlier post here. It’s only natural that windsurfers, surfers, divers and others who play in the ocean should be concerned about the water. Steve’s got a great website that also promotes clean and healthy water. I especially like his “7 Ways to be a Friend of the Water.” 

I had heard that there was an area in the Gulf of Mexico that’s a dead zone, but hadn’t learned anything about it. So I just Googled that and came across a great little site with visual explanations about the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone from the Science Museum of Minnesota. The Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone is a result of fertilizers used for agriculture running off from the Mississippi watershed. For more information about ocean dead zones check out the Wikipedia entry on dead zones.

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